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Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation

Copyright 2018 Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. l West Milton, OH

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Board Of Directors

Wesley Martin


-Wes is a dog lover through and through. He is the leader of Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. while also distributing specialized roles to those in the corporation that have the experience and education necessary to make sure the rescue achieves all of its goals.

Rhonda Martin

-Rhonda's passion for dogs is a huge reason for the creation of Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. She has dedicated her life to saving the lives of dogs. Those who know her know of the endless dogs that she has personally rescued and re-homed. With a corporation around her there is no ceiling on the number of dogs we can save.

Dalton Minton

-Dalton offers an invaluable amount of energy and effort to Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. He is the kind of reliability and stability that a corporation needs to be successful. His love for dogs is demonstrated through the work that he does for Brave Breed Rescue, Inc.

Jennifer Ison

-Jennifer is the Director of Ohio Labrador Retriever Rescue. She has also dedicated her life to the rescue of dogs, in her case specifically Labrador retrievers. Her knowledge and expertise in the Rescue world is invaluable.

Cathy Spitler

-Cathy lives day and night to help animals. She has a house full of elder dogs that she cares for and protects, just as she cares for and protects the dogs entering Brave Breed Rescue. Her experience working in the Non Profit world will be invaluable as we grow and develop.

Emily Ries

-Emily has endless knowledge and experience that she pours into Brave Breed. Her time spent around other very successful foundations and charitable organizations is a huge help in the structuring and progress of Brave Breed Rescue, Inc.