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What to Know...

Adoption is what we are all about here at Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. The adoption process can be very interesting, but it is a part of our mission to make this process as seamless and enjoyable as possible. After all, adopting an adorable fluff ball should be the most enjoyable thing that you can possibly do! Below we will lay out some of the important information you need to know before completing the adoption application. We will also share some information that can be vital to you and your family when you do welcome your new dog into your home.


  • The first thing we would like you to understand is the behavioral preparation that Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. puts into every dog we rescue. We will not place a dog up for adoption if we do not feel as if it is behaviorally prepared. Behavioral training is not obedience focused. When we talk about behavioral training we are talking about social skills, demeanor, temperament, and attitude. We do not tolerate aggression in any form. We have no problem adopting out a dog that doesn't have great obedience. But we will never adopt out a dog who is not socially confident, friendly to all beings, and has a positive temperament. Our dog behavioralist works with our dogs daily to fix problems, assess progress, and prepare dogs to find their forever home.

  • Adoption fees. Adoption fees are in place as a form of donation. Their purpose is to help cover the exceedingly high amount of expenses that most dogs require. Things like veterinarian costs can grow very high, and adoption fees help us to cover those costs. Our adoption rates are as listed below:   

        -$250 for dogs above the age of 1

        -$350 for dogs below the age of 1

        -$400 for purebred dogs

*Fees will vary for select circumstances

*Litters of puppies will be the only time we will allow adoption before the 6 month old mark. We will charge an extra $50 for dogs below 6 months old. This money will then be returned once the adopter shows proof of neuter/spay after the puppy reaches 6 months old.

*We offer a $30 dollar discount to all current and former men and women who have served our great country. Including military, law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency response. *Full application process will still be implemented

*We also offer a $20 senior discount. *Full application process will still be implemented

*We feel as if those are the best possible fees for our rescue, and for our adopters. It allows us to financially support the continued growth of Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. while also being extremely affordable.

  • Applications must be completed in entirety for us to approve you for adoption.

  • A contract must also be completed in person prior to adoption.

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

  • We do require a drivers license number be provided on all adoption applications. We reserve the right to perform a background check if we feel it is necessary. Reminder this would be done to make sure our dog ends up in the best possible place, and for no other reason.

  • We require all dogs to be fully vetted prior to being adoptable.

  • Our spay and neuter policy is rather unique. We do not allow spay or neuters to take place until the dog is at the 6 month mark. This allows for natural maturation to take place. Ultimately leading to a healthier and prolonged life for the dog. This is one of the things that makes us different than most rescues.

  • Fenced yards are a preference, but not a requirement. You must however have a plan in place for exercise and potty needs of the dog regardless of a fence or not.

  • We will not tolerate a dog being placed on a permanent chain or outdoor facility. The dog is to be housed indoors and to be apart of your family.

  • We require adopters to inform us of any location or contact information changes.

  • We reserve the right to perform scheduled follow up visits with every dog that leaves Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. for up to 2 years after the adoption has taken place.

  • Besides filling out the application completely, we will conduct a home visit and family interview with anyone interested in adopting one of our dogs. This home visit is a mandatory part of the adoption process. We do it to make sure it is the perfect situation for both the dog and adopter.

  • We require all animal records of any animal in the house prior to placing the animal in your home. Vet references and personal references are also a requirement. In addition to up to date vet records, we require all pets in the home to be spayed/neutered (unless proven otherwise by your vet). 

  • If you adopt and it is not a good fit for your family or the dog, we require the dog to be returned to Brave Breed Rescue, Inc.

Please keep in mind that every animal, especially rescue animals, need time and patience to adjust to a new setting. If you do end up adopting a rescue the first few days may seem tough, but with love and patience, things will settle down and you can see the true personality of the dog. This is a process, and it will take time. Some days will be better than others. But at the end of the day, adopting a dog will be the best choice you ever made. You will find your best friend.


 The following steps are to encourage a positive introduction with your current dog to a new dog and how to build a comfortable relationship when that time comes:

  • All introductions should be done on neutral territory such as a nearby park, a friends yard or a short walk around the neighborhood.

  • Keep leashes slack and allow the dogs to interact. If the dogs choose to ignore each other, that’s ok. Allow them time to get comfortable.

  • Make the introduction positive and light hearted. As the dogs sniff and get acquainted, encourage them in a happy tone of voice. Allow a few seconds of sniffing and then gently pull them apart and continue the walk. After a minute or two, allow them to interact again. These brief greetings help keep the dogs’ interactions calm and prevent escalations to threats or aggression.

  • Observe their body language. Loose body movements, relaxed mouths and play bows are all positive signs. Stiff, slow body movements, tense mouths or teeth-barring, growls and stare downs are signs of perceived threats or aggression means it would be best to give the dogs distance. Once the dogs have calmed, you may try another several second meeting and then continue on the walk, allowing them to briefly greet each other.

  • Once the dog’s greetings have tapered off and they appear to be tolerating each other without fearful or aggressive behavior, it is time to take them home. Walk them together around the property before bringing them inside.

  • Be patient, it takes time to build a comfortable relationship.

  • To avoid squabbles, it’s best to start off without toys, chews, food bowls and any favorite items of your current dog. These items can be re-introduced once they’ve developed a good relationship.

  • Give each dog their own food and water bowls and bed (toys can be given when they are separated).

  • Crating the dogs is an excellent option when the dogs would otherwise be home alone. Please do not leave newly acquainted animals together without supervision.

  • Encourage positive interaction and interrupt any negative interaction.

  • Spend time individually with each dog to conduct training and playtime so they also build a relationship with you instead of just with your current dog.


I hope that you found this information helpful as you begin this process. Some of the information is specific to Brave Breed Rescue, Inc., but we also wanted to share with you some tid bits of information. That information can be helpful anytime you are apart of a new dog introduction. We thank you for reading through this, and we hope to be reviewing your application soon! If you have any questions please reach out to us at!

-Brave Breed Rescue, Inc.

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