We are now offering Dog Training Classes!

We are so excited to begin to offer training classes to the public! We have some awesome trainers and we cant wait for you all to get the opportunity to work with them! If you are interested in seeing what dates/times are available please go to the Training Schedule page. This page will also give you an outline and instructions on how you can get into the class that fits your schedule. Now please read below to meet our unbelievable trainers! 

Meet The Trainers:


John Nugent- John has been an elite level dog behavorialist for over 20 years. He specializes in working with the dogs that most people wont touch. He has a skillset that you just don't find often. He has been partially running The Hound Playground in Vandalia for several years now. Through his time at THP he has had thousands of dog interactions that have molded his thinking and training methods that he uses today. We are grateful to have him work with our dogs and we hope he works with your dogs to! John will be offering two separate classes. His first class will be a Socialization and Behavioral class and will cost only $30 per class. His second class is for Behavioral Modifications and is for more dire situations. This class will cost only $40 per class. 

Chad Spicer- Chad has been one of the best trainers in the Dayton area for quite some time. He has worked with every dog in nearly every scenario, from narcotic detection dogs to rescue and recovery dogs to the most innocent puppy in the litter. Chad has ran Satori Dog for roughly 20 years but has been handling dogs for the majority of his life. He has been a blessing for the dogs in our rescue and we cannot wait to see how he can help your dog! Chad will also offer two separate classes. His first class will be for puppy's and beginner's. His second class will be for more matured and experienced dogs and dog owners. Both classes will be held in 6 week segments and will be only $150 for the entire 6 week class segment.