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What to Know...

Our foster care system is everything to us. Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. can not function or operate without our awesome foster parents. They are the engine that pushes this rescue onward. Below I will discuss some important things to know about our foster care system, and what it looks like being a foster parent!

  • So what does it look like being a foster? It is a pretty awesome gig. Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. pays for everything. We cover all vet expenses, provide food, toys, and all of the other necessities that come with housing a dog. The foster parent is responsible for housing the dog, feeding the dog, letting it go to the bathroom, and showing it unconditional love. We also wish for foster parents to be willing to transport dogs to and from adoption events, or possibly a training session here and there. That however is not mandatory and if you are unable to do so we would still love you to foster one of our dogs!

  • A major thing to remember is that the dog is still owned by Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. while you are a foster. As a foster you must brief everything pertaining to the dog with Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. There must be consistent communication between the rescue and foster. The foster is not to change or alter the dog in any way. Fosters must immediately alert Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. of any emergencies or serious situations. Food, treats, toys, cages, leashes, collars and other things are all provided by Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. If you are a foster and want to buy something for the dog you are fostering make sure to brief Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. before doing so. This is all with the dogs best interest in mind.

  • Applications must be filled out in entirety for a foster to be selected.

  • A contract must also be signed by all fosters.

  • Fosters must be at least 18 years of age.

  • We do require a valid drivers license number be given on your application. We reserve the right to perform a background check if we feel as if it is necessary. If this is the case it is for the well being of the dog, and for no other reason.

  • We will perform a home check before we allow a dog to live with a foster. This is to make sure the home is well suited to house a dog.

  • A fenced in yard is preferred, but is not a requirement. However we do require that you have a plan in place for the dog to get outdoor exercise and have ample opportunities to go to the bathroom.

  • We require a listing of all animals currently in your house, and their veterinarian records. We will contact your vet reference and your personal references listed on your application.

  • All dogs will be vetted before entering your foster home. Your current animals and their vet records will allow us to decide if we can allow a non spayed/neutered puppy to enter your home.

  • We will not tolerate mistreatment of any kind to our dogs. The dog will be pulled immediately if this happens in any form or measure. Dogs are not to be left outdoors permanently or for long duration's of time. They are to be indoors and interacting with your family.

  • All address changes and contact information changes must be shared with Brave Brave Rescue, Inc. immediately.

  • We do reserve the right to make periodic visits to your home throughout the foster process.

  • If for any reason the dog is not a good fit for your home, and you are unable to continue to foster you must return the dog directly to Brave Breed Rescue, Inc immediately.

  • If you fall in love with your foster dog and wish to adopt it, you may do so. You must however complete the adoption process in entirety before you become its legal adopter.

Please keep in mind that every animal, especially rescue animals, need time and patience to adjust to a new setting. The first few days may seem tough but with love and proper training, things will settle down and you can see the true personality of the dog.


 The following steps are to encourage a positive introduction with your current dog('s) to a new dog and how to build a comfortable relationship.


  • All introductions should be done on neutral territory such as a nearby park, a friends yard or a short walk around the neighborhood.

  • Keep leashes slack and allow the dogs to interact. If the dogs choose to ignore each other, that’s ok. Allow them time to get comfortable.

  • Make the introduction positive and light hearted. As the dogs sniff and get acquainted, encourage them in a happy tone of voice. Allow a few seconds of sniffing and then gently pull them apart and continue the walk. After a minute or two, allow them to interact again. These brief greetings help keep the dogs’ interactions calm and prevent escalations to threats or aggression.

  • Observe their body language. Loose body movements, relaxed mouths and play bows are all positive signs. Stiff, slow body movements, tense mouths or teeth-barring, growls and stare downs are signs of perceived threats or aggression means it would be best to give the dogs distance. Once the dogs have calmed, you may try another several second meeting and then continue on the walk, allowing them to briefly greet each other.

  • Once the dog’s greetings have tapered off and they appear to be tolerating each other without fearful or aggressive behavior, it is time to take them home. Walk them together around the property before bringing them inside.

  • Be patient, it takes time to build a comfortable relationship.

  • To avoid squabbles, it’s best to start off without toys, chews, food bowls and any favorite items of your current dog. These items can be re-introduced once they’ve developed a good relationship.

  • Give each dog their own food and water bowls and bed (toys can be given when they are separated).

  • Crating the dogs is an excellent option when the dogs would otherwise be home alone. Please do not leave newly acquainted animals together without supervision.

  • Encourage positive interaction and interrupt any negative interaction.

  • Spend time individually with each dog to conduct training and playtime so they also build a relationship with you instead of just with your current dog.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this information. We hope you found it very useful as you are going through this process. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at! We hope to hear from you soon!


-Brave Breed Rescue, Inc.

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