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Sponsor a Dog

We want to give you the opportunity to sponsor a dog that is currently a part of Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. As a sponsor, your donation will go directly to the well being of the dog you have chosen to sponsor. As the sponsor of that dog, you will be updated and informed on every step of that dogs progress. Whether that be veterinarian updates or training progression, most importantly we will alert you directly when that dog is available for adoption, if he or she is not already available for adoption. Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. will also make sure to share pictures and updates with you of the dog after he or she has been adopted, unless you end up being the adopter! This gives you the opportunity to build a connection and a relationship with a particular dog. We strongly encourage sponsors to meet the dogs in person also. There is just something about face to face love.. It is special and strong! If this is something you are interested in, look at the dogs below, pick whom you'd love to sponsor, and then just fill out the necessary information!

If you would like to sponsor a dog, please first scroll through the dogs shown above. Once you have selected the dog you would like to sponsor, please fill out the information below. That information is for Brave Breed Rescue, Inc. directly. Once that is submitted, please continue to the PayPal donation button. Sponsorship donations are a fixed amount set at $220. A donation receipt will be provided for all sponsorship donations. Thank you for your support! We hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks for submitting!

To complete your sponsorship, click and follow the PayPal link!

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